About Esha Joy Vats

Hello, I am Esha Joy Vats
A cancerian woman, a proud mother, a chef, a teacher, a model, a beautiful woman and I absolutely adores my family. Life isn’t a smooth journey and I have definitely been through a roller coaster of emotions. Although I have been taught to cherish happy moments, no one ever talks about ways to deal with unpredictable situations. It’s the hard times that taught me to face uncertainties head on. Besides, I am grateful to my parents as they raised me as a warrior.

My father used to tell me, "You are studying subjects not just to score but to create your own identity and always be independent." This notion was put into my blood since childhood days. As a bright and enthusiastic student, I always participated enthusiastically in extracurricular activities, and one thing I find very distinctive about me is that I put my heart into everything I do, whether it is personal, official, teaching, cooking, social or household chores.

Success can be achieved at any age. When I was 21, I was popular and earned great respect in Jammu town while imparting tuition to students, despite the fact that I myself was a University student. In fact, I recognized the art of teaching when I began teaching my own classmates without receiving any monetary compensation. Nevertheless, it yielded excellent results for them after the session ended, and it provided me with enormous satisfaction and happiness. With much courage and confidence, I taught around 300 students at that time.


However, God had other plans for me. Life is unpredictable and there are certain things which are not in our hands especially birth and death. The year 2019 and 2022 was a curse for our family. But I didn’t give up and continued working and emerged as a strong woman.

However, working on a Private job wasn’t enough as I wanted to do something for myself and fulfill my dreams. I accumulated all my savings and converted a raw space into a modern kitchen.There I provide Home made, Hygienic, healthy yet tasty food tiffin services by the name “Mommy's Kitchen” at Vaishali, in Ghaziabad. Simultaneously, I also impart tuition which gives me immense mental satisfaction by providing quality education and a lively environment for students.

It is my utmost belief that any work done from the heart and with a strong commitment to doing things better will not only lead us to success, but also give us a sense of satisfaction and inner peace. As a result, I am known as a survivor of unpredictable times, and I still keep smiling and believe in myself while radiating positive energy 😊

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